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At MetroMax, we understand the critical role smooth operations play in the success of your Amazon DSP business. Our Operations Support services are tailored to optimize your delivery operations, enhance performance, and ensure top-notch customer satisfaction.

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Benefits of Our Operations Support

Enhanced Productivity

Our support services free up your time, allowing you to focus on core business tasks and strategic decision-making.

24/7 Support

With our dedicated team, you have round-the-clock assistance, ensuring smooth operations day and night.

Industry Insights

Our experience with various DSPs and Amazon's requirements helps us provide valuable industry-specific insights.

Cost Optimization

By streamlining operations and identifying inefficiencies, we help reduce operational costs and enhance profitability.

Streamline your Amazon DSP operations and drive success.
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Why Choose Us

Why Choose MetroMax for Operations Support?

Hands-On Experience

Our team includes former Amazon DSP contractors with valuable day-to-day operational insights.

Amazon Expertise

We seamlessly integrate our support with Amazon's processes and procedures.

Ready to Deploy

Equipped with essential tools, our dedicated team is prepared to support your operations.

Real-Time Monitoring

We monitor crucial aspects of your operations for continuous improvement and optimal performance.

Top Services

Our Operations Support Services

Monitoring DVIRs (Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports)

We regularly review DVIRs to ensure vehicle safety and compliance with regulations.

Routes Performance Monitoring

We keep a close eye on route performance, room-of-choice deliveries, and unpacking to enhance efficiency.

Hours of Service

We monitor and manage drivers' hours of service to comply with regulations and prevent violations.


Our team ensures timely and accurate delivery schedules, improving customer satisfaction.

Reviewing Maintenance Service Orders

Our team handles maintenance service orders to ensure your fleet's optimal performance.

Fleet Tool Accuracy in DSP Portal

We maintain accurate and up-to-date fleet tools in the DSP portal.

Whip Around EOD (End of Day) Photos Monitoring

We review end-of-day photos to assess vehicle condition and compliance.

DA Scorecard Metrics Review & Low Performers Identification

We analyze DA scorecard metrics to identify low-performing drivers and implement necessary improvements.

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