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Our Human Resources and Recruiting Support Service is designed to ease the burden of hiring and managing a skilled workforce for your Amazon DSP operations. Our experienced team of HR professionals is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to streamline your recruitment process and ensure compliance with Amazon's requirements.

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Benefits of Our Operations Support


Our recruiting services offer significant cost savings, with rates up to 70% less than traditional options.

Industry Experts

Our HR associates have been supporting DSPs and other businesses for over two years, bringing valuable insights and knowledge.

Flexible Support

Tailor the HR associate's tasks and access to fit your requirements, and control what they handle for you.

Ease of Engagement

Our simple process allows for quick onboarding, ensuring you have the support you need in a matter of days.

Streamline your Amazon DSP operations and drive success
Simplify your hiring process and focus on growing your Amazon DSP business with Metromax Solutions' HR and Recruiting Support.
Why Choose Us

Why Choose MetroMax for HR and Recruiting Support?

Experienced Bilingual Recruiters

Our skilled bilingual recruiters (English & Spanish) find the perfect fit for your delivery team.

Time and Stress Reduction

We handle up to 90% of the hiring process, freeing your time for business management.

Amazon Compliance Expertise

Ensure compliance with Amazon's HR requirements during onboarding.

Industry Knowledge

Our HR associates understand the unique needs of DSPs and have over a decade of experience supporting small and middle-market businesses.

Top Services

Our HR and Recruiting Support Services

Job Ads Posting and Candidate Screening

We write fresh ads weekly and handle the entire screening process, from resume reviews to initial phone interviews.

Onboarding Documents and KNET Training

We assist with onboarding documents and ensure your delivery associates complete the required training on time.

Healthcare Enrollment and Drug Screens

Our team manages healthcare enrollment and schedules drug screenings and DOT physicals as needed.

Amazon Compliance Requests Handling

We handle compliance-related requests from Amazon, ensuring your operations meet their standards.

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